Like I Needed Another Blog…


Hi- I’m Erik. I’m a self-professed beer geek who already has another blog, one I’m proud of, but one that sadly enough doesn’t get posted on enough. (This fantastic blog can be found at

While On My Feet is predominantly at travel blog, I have been sneaking beer related posts in there for a while. I never made the jump to being a half beer/ half travel blog because I knew someday I’d start drinking on a Sunday night and wind up with a beer only blog. (Well, I was sure of the circumstances exactly, but here we are…)

What do I have planned for this blog? Honestly, I really have no idea as of now.

Chris and I at Bell’s 30th Anniversary Funvitational

I’m going to start by posting for many of the breweries I have already visited. These posts won’t be extensive in the writing, since I am much more a photographer than a writer. All of the photos posted here (plus many, many more) can be found in my Flickr collection.

I’ve been doing work in the past for two publications that I have enjoyed working for, and I do not intend for this blog to replace the work I do for them. (The two are Mittenbrew and I’m a Beer Hound– you should really check both out.) My current brewery count (as of 5/22/16) is 140 Michigan Breweries visited and another 122 for out of state. As I said, many of these will be featured in upcoming posts.

Hitting 5000 at the new Kuhnhenn in March

My Untappd usernameĀ is eriksmithdotcom. I hit the 5,000 beer mark in March, but to be fair, a large portion of those have been in 3-5oz flights. I don’t claim to be a beer expert, and I do know literally hundreds of people who know more than I do, but I also hope to make use of them in this blog. Either way, I’m a guy who has a passion for good beer, and has traveled a bit to indulge that passion.

Representing Michigan Beer at Russian River in November 2014

Hopefully there’s much more to come from this humble blog. Stay tuned- there are many previous beer adventures to be shared… and hopefully many more to come.

Erik Smith

May 23, 2016






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