Brewery Road Tripping- Flint Area

This past Saturday, I, along with my friends Mary & Chris, visited some breweries in the Flint area. We were pretty impressed with all of them.


Tilted Axis, Lapeer

Tilted Axis is located in downtown Lapeer. It opened in September of 2015, and has a diverse beverage menu with beer, mead and cider on it. Tilted Axis’ head brewer, Doug Beedy, brought his experience at Lincoln Park’s Fort Street Brewery with him.

We ordered a couple of flights and some sandwiches for lunch. The brewpub has a simple and affordable menu of sandwiches and other pub fare. As far as the beer went, we all enjoyed the Million Francs IPA, a hoppy IPA with some Belgian influence. I really enjoyed the Bowers Brown, an imperial brown that’s use of Belgian yeast gave it a delightful zest not common to most brown ales. Also on the menu were two all Michigan-made beers, A Michigan Night and Pure Michigan IPA.

The upstairs space, The Axis Lounge, features a high-ceiling, some comfortable seating and space for live entertainment.


Redline, Burton

Redline Brewing Company originally opened in a strip mall a few blocks from it’s current location in October of 2015. 10 days after opening, a fire decimated the strip mall and all of it’s businesses. Brewer/Owner Doug Grover, with the help of a GoFundMe Campaign and his own hard work and ingenuity, reopened the brewery less than 5 months later in it’s current location.

The most impressive part about Redline for me was a small fairly new brewery of this size having 20 beers on tap. Doug told us he often brews double batches a day and puts over 120 hours a week in at his place.


Chris and Mary really enjoyed the Wiccan, a wheat ale brewed with Poblano peppers and fermented with tequila and Anaheim peppers. We all enjoyed the big, hoppy No Replacement for Displacement DIPA. My personal favorite was the M1 Woodward, a witbier brewed with honey, coriander, orange peel and a ‘non-traditional’ yeast. We split a number of flights between us and, while we all had our personal likes, we agreed that most of the beers were very well done.

Before we left, Doug was kind enough to show us around his brewhouse. It’s not a large space, but he certainly maximizes the productivity he gets out of it.


Tenacity, Flint

Our final stop took us to downtown Flint and Tenacity Brewing. Housed in an early 1900’s building that used to be a Fire Station, the brewery brings some tenacity to an area that could certainly use some. The Flint Water Crisis broke about a month after opening, but Tenacity Brewing’s water remained lead-free due to double filtration. The brewery has been open in publishing test results showing their water to be perfectly acceptable. As we found, their beer certainly went beyond acceptable.


The building’s interior has been fixed up to contain some beautiful woodwork as well as some great spaces to sit and enjoy their diverse menu. Chris’ favorite beer was the Mid West Coast IPA, while my two favorite beers were the Trap Queen IPA, one of their flagship beers, and Super Unleaded Dark Wheat, a wonderfully roast dark ale. A $1 from each pint of Super Unleaded is donated to the Flint Child Health and Development Fund. While the beer was good, I loved  both of their house ciders, Honey Blu Blue (Blueberry) and the Cherry Cider.

While the inside space is very convivial, the outdoor beer garden and spacious lawn area are also quite welcoming. There was a giant fire pit, hops growing on trestles and cornhole set up on the lawn for anyone to enjoy. This would be a great place to hang out when the weather is nice.


These three breweries make for a nice little day trip, and are separated by only 25 miles. For more information about each of these breweries, check out their Facebook pages.

Tilted Axis BC on Facebook

Redline BC on Facebook

Tenacity Brewing on Facebook


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