All in the Family- Sister Lakes Brewing Company


The Morin family started discussing the idea of opening a microbrewery in 2014, in an area they’d vacationed in for many years, Southeastern Michigan. On June 24th, 2016, that dream became a reality as Sister Lakes Brewing Company opened it’s doors to the public for the first time.


“We simply posted a picture of the ‘Open’ sign on out Facebook page”, says Joe Morin, one of the siblings and co-brewers, “and people started to roll in about 20 minutes later.”


They were blown away by the reception from the community. The most popular beer that first weekend was the Pontoon Ride Pale Ale, which sold out in less than a week. Fortunately, there was plenty of other beer to go around, including the all-Michigan Six O’Clock IPA, Day Starter, a brown with in-house roasted coffee, and Crooked Lake Cream Ale, which serves as a nice gateway beer for those who are new to craft beer.


The spacious, well-lit tap room and attached beer garden took about a year to construct. The building was formerly a hardware store, and there are many local connections inside. The bar top was constructed from wood taken from the now defunct Sister Lakes Bowling Alley, down to simple things like the table legs formerly being barn beams from a local farm. They have a 5 barrel system they got from a Michigan company, Psychobrew, out of Greenville.


The three Morin brothers (Joe, Brian, & Dave) began as homebrewers back in 2010 and now are co-brewers, and their sister, Katie, works in marketing and promotion. Their parents are also investors and are actively involved with the brewery, making it truly a family venture.


During the summer, the brewery is open everyday from 11am-11pm to handle the added vacation crowd. The hours during the off-season will likely be shorter.


2 thoughts on “All in the Family- Sister Lakes Brewing Company

  1. Hi I’m cousin of your I just want to congratulate you on your new business. I’m Dottie Kirks daughter Kathy my friends have been to your brewery and have loved it. I’m planning to come soon. Tell grandma and grandpa I said hi.


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